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Welcome back to new school year! It will definitely be a bit different from any other as we all learn to adapt and adjust to pandemic routines. These may change as the year goes by and circumstances change, or the medical science learns more, and we will be prepared to be flexible and resilient. We have put many safeguards in place within the school in order to keep our students and staff safe as we start classes up again. Children will no doubt notice these right away- desks are no longer in groups, students stay with their class (cohort) all day, even for recess, they will spend much more time outdoors, we won't have assemblies, we have directional arrows on the floor, we limit numbers of children in the bathrooms, we don't share materials, staff wear masks and sometimes face shields too, we will be washing hands A LOT. But at the core of it all we need to focus on the things that haven't changed. Staff are excited to see the friendly faces appear again- we've missed the children over the past six months. We will figure out ways to work collaboratively even at a distance. We believe in the importance of building character and a safe welcoming school community where everyone feels valued. And of course we are still dedicated to meeting the academic needs of each student who walks through our doors.
This year will be a journey and while we may not know exactly the course it will take, we will take it together. That's what Eastdale is all about - supporting each other.
Ruth Lovell, Principal

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